Can You Buy a Car Without a Driver’s License in 2023?

Updated at: 01.05.2023
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Author: MarySharp

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Do You Need a Driver’s License to Buy a Car? Can you buy a car without a license? Sure, you can. But what’s next? The lack of license can complicate further things, but even buying a car itself has some nuances. Let’s find out the most common problems with getting a car without a license […]

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    Do You Need a Driver’s License to Buy a Car?

    Can you buy a car without a license? Sure, you can. But what’s next? The lack of license can complicate further things, but even buying a car itself has some nuances. Let’s find out the most common problems with getting a car without a license and how to solve them.

    Reasons for buying a car without a driver’s license

    Even though having a license might sound obvious, there are cases when buying a car without a license is pretty reasonable.

    • Do you need a license to buy a car as a gift? This case is the easiest to cope with. You gift not only a car but the ownership as well. It means everything related to registering will have to be handled by the gift receiver. To avoid complicating things, make sure the person getting a car is a licensed driver.
    • Do you need a driver’s license to buy a car as a business asset? There are plenty of cases when a business owner needs a car for routine activity. You’ll be able to buy the car without the license, but you still won’t be able to drive it without it. However, this task can be left to your licensed employees who’ll be driving the car in question.
    • Do you need license to buy a car for a minor? For example, your daughter got a license and asked you to finance a car. So it’s similar to gifting. Teenagers can’t legally do it; you simply help them.
    • Do you need a driver license to buy a car for your collection? If you love the aesthetic of cars and don’t really plan to drive them, you are not prohibited from buying a vehicle you like. Also, it might be an investment if we talk about limited or very old cars.
    • Do you need your license to buy a car for your driver? This case is very similar to the third one. Your chauffeur is your employee. Just make sure they don’t have any problems with a driver’s license.

    How To Buy A Car Without A License?

    Before buying a car without license, you have to make several important decisions. If you still can’t decide on a car, below are some essential tips. There are no tips that suit 100% of people, but mentioned ones will make the buying process more thoughtful.

    Decide on the car model that suits your purpose and budget. You already know about possible cases when it’s wise to buy a car without license. If you don’t plan to drive the car in the future, treat it as an asset. So, avoid subjective opinions. The choosing process should involve professional reviews of the car, its manufacturer, and the industry as a whole to not miss the latest trends.

    After picking the model you like, decide on buying a new car or a used one. A new car will have only one downside – the price, which can be a deal-breaker, especially now with increased costs for brand-new cars. The world expects to solve chip production shortages in the following years. So, for now, a used car sounds like a neat deal. Prices for used cars highly vary from one US state to another. Currently, New Hampshire is the best state to buy a car without a license. Check out this article Best & Cheapest States to Buy a New or Used Car in 2023 to get more detailed information.

    So, you picked a good car model and bought it for a good price. The next step is delivering. It wouldn’t be a big deal, but you don’t have a license. Can you buy a car without a driver’s license? Yes. Can you drive it? No. So you can’t drive it yourself to your house or garage. In this case, the easiest way is to order a car delivery online. Details can be found on Online car buyers. Keep in mind that enclosed car shipping works best for new cars, while cheaper open car shipping is more suitable for used ones.

    Can You Insure a Car Without a License?

    You can’t legally drive your car without insurance in most states. But the worst thing is that you can’t get insurance without a license. It doesn’t mean you should give up on buying a car without a license. The insurance can be registered to a licensed driver you trust, and they will replace you on the policy as a primary driver. You will be listed as an excluded driver. All the costs and premiums will be calculated based on the trusted licensed driver, even if the payer is you. So, make sure the person is good enough at the wheel.

    This method is good if you plan to keep the ownership of a car. For business purposes or when having a car with a driver, let’s say. An experienced driver will easily help you get insurance for a minimal price. However, if you buy a car without a license as a gift, the recipient should get their own insurance to not complicate things.

    Can You Register a Car Without a License?

    Can you register a car without a license? Well, not really. To do so, you need to provide the Department of Motor Vehicles with both insurance and a driver’s license. But, as with insurance, you can register a car without a license with the help of a trusted licensed driver. However, unlike insurance, you take higher risks. The person will have equal ownership rights, so you must really trust them. Usually, it’s a member of a family or a close friend.

    While filling out the contract, you can choose “or,” or “and” between your names. The “or” means some of you can legally sell the car without asking each other. It’s a great risk, but you don’t have to contact a trusted person. The “and” option shares responsibility between you. The car can be sold only if you both agree. This should give you an idea of how to register a car without a license.

    Can You Buy a Car With a Permit?

    In case you have a learner’s permit, things will be easier. Such a permit allows you to drive a car while having a licensed driver next to you. Can you buy a car with a permit? Yes, and you can even get insurance with a learner’s permit. It won’t be as easy as with a license, but totally possible. Some insurance companies don’t mind serving guys with a permit but with strict conditions and hefty costs. Also, a permit unlocks an option of a test drive, which sometimes can flip over your expectations from a car.

    Can You Finance a Car Without a License?

    What if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a car without a drivers license outright? Can you finance a car without a license? Yes, but it’s not an easy task. Most dealerships will refuse unlicensed drivers. That’s because they know that after registering, you will have only partial ownership. With any luck, some dealerships may approve you. You will need to provide your ID, income statement, and proof your license was not suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    The whole process of getting financing is harsh, even for licensed drivers. The system is built in a way that minimizes all the risks. Not having a driver’s license is a risk. If you also have a low credit score, your chances are close to zero.


    Do you need a drivers license to buy a car? It’s not required for nominal car purchasing. After all, a car is just an asset. However, its further operation requires at least a learner’s permit, if not a driver’s license. Otherwise, you need to find a trusted licensed driver for insurance and registration.

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