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No need to leave home and spend time on the road - everything can be done online

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Save time on the road, save money on the airline ticket, and search the entire country from your living room for the car you really want.
We at Shippa know it sounds like a real headache to arrange door-to-door car shipping from a pick-up location you've never been to.
That's one of the reasons we set out to make a streamlined auto transport service in the first place.

Shippa believes that if you've already found your dream car on America's massive online car market, over-priced and over-complicated auto transport shouldn't be what stands between you and the perfect vehicle.
Shippa works door-to-door, Shippa works with dealerships and auctions, and Shippa works to save you time and money.

Forget the dealers in your area, go online and find the car you're really looking for. Car hunt the smart way and search for your new ride with Shippa in mind.

Read what clients think about Shipaa

Scott Lane


I needed to ship my car from Jacksonville to Miami. It's less than 400 miles trip, and I was looking for a car transport company that can do it the fastest. Shipaa was the right choice because their driver picked up the car the same day I called them and delivered it the next day. There is no endless paperwork, and their prices are the best ones I found. They did a great job with shipping my car fast🚀

Kristina R. Dallas


I’m giving this company 5 stars. The guys from Shipaa know how to do their job without any issues from their end. My car was picked up from Oklahoma and delivered to Atlanta. It arrived even faster than I expected. I will definitely use this service again

Robert B. Arroyo


I am always pleased when I see a company that cares about customers. I am a frequent customer of Shipaa and my car delivery was only ever delayed once. But because of that, they automatically sent me back 40% of what I paid. I’ve never heard of smth like that before. I also wanna say that Shipaa is affordable. And last but not least, working with their operators is a pleasure, they are polite, friendly and responded very quickly to my request.


Why choose Shippa?

WE ARE HIGHLY RATED Ask around about us. No unsatisfied customers!
CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERTISE We know how tough the winter months can be, especially on car owners. Let us help you make your move easy.
OUR MODERN APPROACH You just worry about the winter move. Our team and our new trucks will handle your wheels. We won't bother you, only notify you of your car's progress.
DISCOUNTS FOR REPEAT ORDERS Come back anytime you need us. We love repeat customers. That's why we offer discounts when you're ready to ship again.
Expedited SHIPPING Short on time? Snow disruptions? Just indicate the delivery time in your order and we will do our best to make your transition go smoothly.

Shipaa is the best choice for those who are moving across country


We are responsible guys, so we will do everything necessary to make your car move as convenient as possible

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Why Online Car Buyers Use Shippa

Buying a car online is convenient and really opens up your options. Using Shipaa to get that car to you keeps it convenient, and you will have one less headache. We know what our customers need, just check out our ratings.
4800 We Work Across America Shippa will transport vehicles anywhere in the country. Search the entire nation while shopping for your car. Shippa's expanding network of qualified drivers will deliver it to you at a great price!
9 years Flexibility Whether buying from an individual, a dealership, or an auction, Shippa will pick-up from any location and deliver your new vehicle to your doorstep. Just tell us where and when.
5300 Confidence It doesn't matter whether you resell cars for a living or just want to purchase your new daily driver online, Shippa guarantees your delivery and our dedicated customer service staff will recommend the insurance coverage that's right for you.
31 Tracking Shippa's unique approach to transporting vehicles means you have constant access to the location of your vehicle. Never be in the dark about the whereabouts of your new purchase.

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