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If you head south every winter, you probably already have a routine. But Shippa's car shipping service can open new horizons for snowbirds young and old alike. One of the most surprising ways is by saving money. Nowadays its often cheaper to book a short flight, throw some extra clothes in the trunk of your car, and ship your car with Shippa than it is to take a few days to drive across the country.

Forget about the seasonal traffic, the long beaten roads, and all the pit stops you'll need to make. Order a vehicle transport from Shippa and think only about your sunny destination. Shippa will pick the car up from your summer residence, drop it off at your winter escape, and then back again whenever you desire.

Maybe you want to try a new destination this year, something even farther away. Don't let a long ride intimidate you out of trying something new.

Read what clients think about Shipaa

Joe Miller


I was pleased when my car was delivered earlier than I expected it. Shipaa was much more affordable than what the dealership was offering me for the shipping. I paid a lot of money for the new Ford Raptor, and I didn't want to overpay for the shipping. The car is huge, but they've had the right enclosed trailer for a car that big. I was worried about it being damaged, but it was in perfect condition when it came to me.

Max Dean


I managed to find an awesome 1967 Camaro, but it was in Miami, and I live in Houston. I didn't want to wait a month to have my car shipped to me, and I used Shipaa. They shipped the car to me in only a few days, and I didn't mind paying extra money for that. I used Shipaa before, and I knew there wouldn't be any problems with my car. They were punctual as always, and I got to enjoy my car sooner.

Robert B. Arroyo


I am always pleased when I see a company that cares about customers. I am a frequent customer of Shipaa and my car delivery was only ever delayed once. But because of that, they automatically sent me back 40% of what I paid. I’ve never heard of smth like that before. I also wanna say that Shipaa is affordable. And last but not least, working with their operators is a pleasure, they are polite, friendly and responded very quickly to my request.

No trouble along the way

No need to think through a plan of action in case of force majeure. Embark on a journey by public transport, and we will deliver the car yourself.

No overpayment

Traveling south can be more enjoyable if you deduct the cost of driving. Instead, book a nice hotel and transport your car with Shipaa.

Extra baggage

You can place a suitcase or a box of personal items (up to 100 pounds) in the trunk of your car at no extra charge. The driver, of course, has the right to check the trunk. We aren’t against security, are we?

Forget about traffic jams

Instead of spending hours in traffic jams or detours, entrust your car to us. Book yourself a ride and forget about the routine of a long haul road trip.

Why choose Shippa?

WE ARE HIGHLY RATED Ask around about us. No unsatisfied customers!
CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERTISE We know how tough the winter months can be, especially on car owners. Let us help you make your move easy.
OUR MODERN APPROACH You just worry about the winter move. Our team and our new trucks will handle your wheels. We won't bother you, only notify you of your car's progress.
DISCOUNTS FOR REPEAT ORDERS Come back anytime you need us. We love repeat customers. That's why we offer discounts when you're ready to ship again.
Expedited SHIPPING Short on time? Snow disruptions? Just indicate the delivery time in your order and we will do our best to make your transition go smoothly.

Shipaa is the best choice for those who are moving across country


We are responsible guys, so we will do everything necessary to make your car move as convenient as possible

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Why Dealerships Use Shippa

There were always hazards and hassles involved when moving your car during the winter. We've done away with all that. Any season, any part of America, we will make your move that much more convenient, just check our reviews.
4800 Discounts Let Shippa help you with your annual retreat and you'll save money going with us in the future. We want to be the guys you turn to year in, year out.
4 years Experience Our team of drivers have been helping couples reach their winter hideaway for years. We know Florida, we know the Gulf Coast, we've been helping customers fly south for the winter for years.
5300 Automation We pride ourselves on being the easiest vehicle transportation company for customers to deal with. Maybe your plans will change this winter, or maybe you want to try something spontaneous. Use Shippa and you'll have one less thing to worry about.
31 Customer Service You'll understand our dedication to customer service the very first time you try us. Make Shippa a part of your routine and find out why snowbirds stick with us for every trip.

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