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    We at Shipaa believe in innovation. For far too long, vehicle transport companies in the United States have focused solely on scale. While this approach works for the car shipping service, customer service can end up getting left by the side of the road. Shipaa , on the other hand, is all about streamlining the process and empowering the customer.

    We've worked hard to make every step of our auto transport service open, simple, and worry-free. Ordering an auto transport from Shipaa begins and ends with a few simple questions. Then, during transit, Shipaa 's unique GPS Tracker will keep you updated and keep away unpleasant surprises. The best part is, because of our streamlined approach, we are able to offer a car transport service that is both one of the most affordable in the country AND a favorite among customers who care about their vehicles.

    We have invested in our staff, our technology, and our equipment in order to become the best auto transport service around.

    Our brilliant team has built a smarted approach to car shipping because we respect your time and peace of mind. Auto shipping is changing for the better and changing with Shipaa .

    Read what clients think about Shipaa

    Richard R. Kenney


    I liked using Shipaa. Whenever I'd shipped cars before, they would always arrive filthy, one was even damaged. But when the cars were delivered by Shipaa they were spotless. By the way, when I got the car, the tank was full too. It’s the little things!

    Erin G. Fox


    Yesterday I was running around crazy trying to organize all my moving boxes, and on top of that trying to find a shipping company for my car at the last minute. Every place I tried said they couldn't help me. Then I found Shipaa. I never would have guessed that they could ship my car so quickly that it would be there waiting for me. Now I don't have to worry about renting. My opinion is that Shipaa is the best option on the market.

    Thomas M. Jones


    It took me some time to find your company, but now I can say for sure that you have the best car shipping services I’ve ever used. Your drivers are total professionals. By the way, Jason, one of your drivers, washed my car. It blew my mind when I saw this. It was a pleasure using Shipaa

    See how it works 3 simple shipping steps

    How much does it cost to transport a car?

    The longer, taller, and heavier the car, the more expensive the delivery will be.

    Distance - the main component in calculating the cost of transportation. Of course, the longer the distance, the more expensive the transportation will be, but the price per mile will be lower. The price of international shipping may vary.

    The standard type of transportation in our industry is open shipping. If you desire additional protection for your vehicle, we advise you to choose enclosed transport. It will provide protection from weather conditions and road debris. Enclosed transportation adds at least 35% to the final cost of transportation.

    If the engine starts, the price will be much lower. If the car does not work, but it can brake and turn, then winches and special equipment will be required for loading. Unfortunately, this will increase the cost of transportation.

    Do you agree to ship your car with Shipaa?

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