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Jack Brown


Everyone from Shipaa was friendly, from the operators to the drivers. It was the first time I shipped a car to a different state, and I was lucky to find the best shipping company. There were no hidden costs, and I knew the price of their service since the first talk with their operator. Most importantly, everything was fine with the car upon arrival. It was nice working with them, and if I ever need it, I will use Shipaa again😎🤩

Thomas Butler


Everything went smoothly the first time I used Shipaa. I have been using only their shipping service since. They managed to get the car that I ordered for my dad's birthday on time, and I was impressed because it was a tight schedule. I thought that I would have to pay a lot of money for a shipment like that, but they were surprisingly affordable. I am moving to another state soon, and I will use Shipaa again.🥳

Michael Collins


I have shipped cars with different companies before, and I had different experiences. Shipaa stands out. Their service is top-notch, and the best part is that they offer GPS tracking, so you know where your car is at any moment. There were no delays in my shipment. If you need a delivery at a specified time, they will comply. All in all, it was great working with them

Gordon Sosa


Working with Shipaa was great since the beginning. The whole process of booking a shipment was easy. Their operators were super polite, and we managed to strike a deal for the shipment from Detroit to California. My car was in perfect condition when it shipped to the destination point. Their services are super affordable, and if I ever have to ship a car again, I know who to call.👍

Alex Brown


The biggest problem for me when I moved from New York to LA was my car. The trip was too long for me to drive it myself, and shipping it was the only option. Shipaa was the obvious choice for me because their services were much more affordable than other shipping companies. I have chosen an open carrier because of the lower price. It was easy to book the shipping, and it took only a few minutes. The truck driver was at my house the next day, and the car was on its way. There were no unpleasant surprises, Shipaa was the right option.

Adam Taylor


My brother needed fast, reliable enclosed car transport for his new mustang🚘, and Shipaa was a perfect solution.🤟 We booked shipping quickly, and the car was at his house the next day. Enclosed shipping was perfect for a car like that. It was worth it because it was spotless when it shipped. The car was in good hands because they had all the required equipment to complete the shipment without any problems. It's by far the best car shipping option.😎 :)

Joe Miller


I was pleased when my car was delivered earlier than I expected it. Shipaa was much more affordable than what the dealership was offering me for the shipping. I paid a lot of money for the new Ford Raptor, and I didn't want to overpay for the shipping. The car is huge, but they've had the right enclosed trailer for a car that big. I was worried about it being damaged, but it was in perfect condition when it came to me.

William Black


Moving to Dallas from LA was stressful. I needed to ship my wife's car because she could not drive that long. I was lucky to have found Shipaa because they saved me a lot of money. It was surprising how easy it was to make a deal with them. Everything was done in a few minutes, and their driver came to pick up the car at the agreed time. The driver was a professional, he knew what he was doing, and everything went smoothly

Max Dean


I managed to find an awesome 1967 Camaro, but it was in Miami, and I live in Houston. I didn't want to wait a month to have my car shipped to me, and I used Shipaa. They shipped the car to me in only a few days, and I didn't mind paying extra money for that. I used Shipaa before, and I knew there wouldn't be any problems with my car. They were punctual as always, and I got to enjoy my car sooner.

Justin Lewis


My car was about to appear in a car show around 400 miles from the place I live. I couldn't drive it myself because it could get damaged. My schedule was tight, but Shipaa shipped the car on time for the car show. I paid a little extra for the "Door-to-Door" option, but it was worth it because there was no other way to do it. The car was in perfect condition, and I didn't even have to wash it before the show. 🎖

Charlie Thompson


Shipping your car can be a nightmare. I have had a few bad experiences before Shipaa, and I was skeptical about them too. Still, there were no red flags when I talked to their customer support, and I decided to try them out. It was the first time someone picked up my car on time and shipped it on time without damaging it. I'm glad to have finally found a car shipping company I can trust. I am recommending Shipaa to everyone, and I am calling them when I need to ship a car again.

Scott Lane


I needed to ship my car from Jacksonville to Miami. It's less than 400 miles trip, and I was looking for a car transport company that can do it the fastest. Shipaa was the right choice because their driver picked up the car the same day I called them and delivered it the next day. There is no endless paperwork, and their prices are the best ones I found. They did a great job with shipping my car fast🚀

Kristina R. Dallas


I’m giving this company 5 stars. The guys from Shipaa know how to do their job without any issues from their end. My car was picked up from Oklahoma and delivered to Atlanta. It arrived even faster than I expected. I will definitely use this service again

Robert B. Arroyo


I am always pleased when I see a company that cares about customers. I am a frequent customer of Shipaa and my car delivery was only ever delayed once. But because of that, they automatically sent me back 40% of what I paid. I’ve never heard of smth like that before. I also wanna say that Shipaa is affordable. And last but not least, working with their operators is a pleasure, they are polite, friendly and responded very quickly to my request.

Richard R. Kenney


I liked using Shipaa. Whenever I'd shipped cars before, they would always arrive filthy, one was even damaged. But when the cars were delivered by Shipaa they were spotless. By the way, when I got the car, the tank was full too. It’s the little things!

Erin G. Fox


Yesterday I was running around crazy trying to organize all my moving boxes, and on top of that trying to find a shipping company for my car at the last minute. Every place I tried said they couldn't help me. Then I found Shipaa. I never would have guessed that they could ship my car so quickly that it would be there waiting for me. Now I don't have to worry about renting. My opinion is that Shipaa is the best option on the market.

Thomas M. Jones


It took me some time to find your company, but now I can say for sure that you have the best car shipping services I’ve ever used. Your drivers are total professionals. By the way, Jason, one of your drivers, washed my car. It blew my mind when I saw this. It was a pleasure using Shipaa

Ray E. Watkins


I've been burned in the past by car shipping companies. I send classic cars all around the country, so always need to use an enclosed trailer. For some reason, in my experience those enclosed rigs often turn up late. I just gave Shipaa a try sending my original Stingray across the country. Got a notification and it turned up exactly when I wanted it. Going to use these guys again!


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