When to choose enclosed transport

Enclosed transport will provide additional protection for your car.

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The enclosed auto transport option is for those who consider their car an investment and who can't afford to have their vehicle arrive a little dusty from the road. Custom paint jobs, exotics, and classic cars deserve that extra bit of protection. We generally recommend enclosed trailer car shipping for cars valued over $50,000, and our team will provide the proper insurance coverage.

The price of enclosed car shipping is approximately 30-40% more expensive than an open auto carrier transport because there is limited space in each enclosed car carrier. But you can rest assured that inclement weather, dirt, vandals, and road debris will never come into contact with your car. Only our best drivers operate our enclosed car trailers and they work exclusively with enclosed car transport services, so they're experienced at handling precious cargo.

You should also opt for an enclosed auto transport trailer if you are shipping a car with low ground clearance. Only enclosed auto transport trailers are equipped with the hydraulic lift gates that are required to load and unload low clearance vehicles.

Read what clients think about Shipaa

Max Dean


I managed to find an awesome 1967 Camaro, but it was in Miami, and I live in Houston. I didn't want to wait a month to have my car shipped to me, and I used Shipaa. They shipped the car to me in only a few days, and I didn't mind paying extra money for that. I used Shipaa before, and I knew there wouldn't be any problems with my car. They were punctual as always, and I got to enjoy my car sooner.

Justin Lewis


My car was about to appear in a car show around 400 miles from the place I live. I couldn't drive it myself because it could get damaged. My schedule was tight, but Shipaa shipped the car on time for the car show. I paid a little extra for the "Door-to-Door" option, but it was worth it because there was no other way to do it. The car was in perfect condition, and I didn't even have to wash it before the show. 🎖

Charlie Thompson


Shipping your car can be a nightmare. I have had a few bad experiences before Shipaa, and I was skeptical about them too. Still, there were no red flags when I talked to their customer support, and I decided to try them out. It was the first time someone picked up my car on time and shipped it on time without damaging it. I'm glad to have finally found a car shipping company I can trust. I am recommending Shipaa to everyone, and I am calling them when I need to ship a car again.

Additional vehicle protection

We know that you want your car to arrive in the same condition that you handed it over to us. We know how to avoid trouble, but there is always the possibility for accidents when a car is shipped via open transport. Is bad weather forecasted along your transport route? Protect it with our enclosed shipping options...

Experienced truckers

With the enclosed vehicle delivery option, carrier drivers are aware of the intricacies of classic and collectible cars. We select the best drivers in order to provide the highest quality service to all our customers.

Best Insurance

If your car is worth $50,000 or more, we recommend using enclosed road transport. Our team will provide the proper insurance coverage.

All you need is the car itself and the keys.

To transfer the car, you don’t have to collect all the paperwork. Just get the car ready and hand over the keys.

And also ...

Hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic lifting gates are necessary for loading and unloading a car with a lowered bumper, and these are only available on the enclosed trailers. Let us know if you want your carrier to be equipped with this feature.

High compliance standards

We have a compliance department that checks all the road carriers in our network to make sure that we only work with experienced professionals.

Communication with the truck driver

Constant communication with the driver will give you peace of mind. We will connect you with him so you won’t have any jitters about the whereabouts of your vehicle.

Affordable prices

We have a calculator that will help you calculate the cost of delivery. Add the “enclosed transportation” option and you will realize that we really do have affordable prices.

Up to date

Being always up to date is our thing. Our consultants will notify you about every delivery stage. In addition, you will receive emails with status updates.

Expedited Shipping

We know that in certain situations your car needs to be delivered precisely at a specified time. Call us if you need your car to be there on the dot.

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