When to choose an open type of transportation

Open transport - the choice for most customers

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Speed of light

Open type - the fastest way to deliver your car. If you select this option, we have more availability for you because more than 95% of our carriers are open type.


You can save a lot by choosing the open transport option because it is the most common way to deliver cars in the industry.


Yes, cars can get damaged when transported by an open carrier, but these are isolated cases. The vast majority of cars are delivered to their destination without any issues.

Insurance included

First off, don’t worry about the safety of the car. Secondly, we provide insurance coverage from the moment your car is loaded until the moment it is unloaded. No extra charge!

Still in doubt?

A large carrier network

It won’t be difficult to find a suitable carrier for you. In addition, we choose only the best of the best. Our customer feedback will confirm it.

Expedited Shipping

We know that in certain situations your car needs to be delivered precisely at a specified time. Call us if you need your car to be there on the dot.

Communication with the truck driver

We will connect you with the driver of your road carrier so you can have first-hand information about your car. We know that it will give you peace of mind.

Additional warranty

You can add a little more to the cost of transportation to have your car transported on the upper deck. This will add to your peace of mind.

Up to date

Being always up to date is our thing. Our consultants will notify you about all the delivery stages. In addition, you will receive emails with status updates.

Direct payment

Most open carriers prefer direct payment for delivery. It saves some time and money.

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