Points to Remember while Shipping A Car Cross Country

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Publish: 12.04.2019

Planning on moving your car from one part of the country to another? You must be confused about where to start. Should you just drive on your own or hire a cross-country shipping service? It’s definitely a tough decision, but can be solved by weighing the pros and cons.

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    Why car shipping is better than driving it yourself across the country

    Hiring a licensed company to ship car across country will have the following benefits:

    • You can avoid any damage to your vehicle that may have been caused while driving across the country.
    • You can save a lot of money by crossing gas, food, lodging and other expenses of your budget.
    • The option to deliver luxury, classic or even unique cars in enclosed trailers is a huge plus.
    • You can avoid police speed traps and over moving violations.
    • You can assign your preferred pickup point. It can even be your doorstep!
    • The fatigue and stress from driving can be saved by cross country car shipping.

    Now that we have established that auto transporting car across country is your best option let’s delve deeper and understand how to ship a car cross country.

    Despite the fact that handing over the keys to transport vehicle cross country is less stressful, it does become a little worrisome since its care is out of your hands. To avoid that, you can ensure that the entire process takes place as per your needs.

    Factors to consider to ship car across country

    • Cost

      The total cost of shipping is comparatively higher. However, it will depend on the distance and the type of trailer you need. Therefore, ensure that you opt for a shipping company that has transparent rates.

    • Transport type

      The most cost-effective way to ship car across country is opting for open auto transport. But if you are transporting a luxury, classic or specialty car, then an enclosed transport will shield your vehicle from extreme weather and debris.

    • Duration

      Transporting car across country can take up to two weeks. However, there are some companies out there that offer to ship in lesser time.

    • Reliability

      The right shipping company will be reliable enough to take care of your car as they use vetted car carriers. Even the drivers are trustworthy for handling the cross country car shipping.

    • Experience

      A great auto transport company will have the experience of shipping hundreds of vehicles per day. They will be well aware of the special care and attention that is required while transporting car across country.

    Questions to ask before you ship car across country

    • 1. What type of transport do you use?

      As mentioned earlier, the type of transport plays an important role. Most auto transport companies offer carriers. The options are an open carrier, multi-carrier or an enclosed carrier. Open carriers and multi-carriers are the cheapest modes of transporting car across country. However, enclosed carriers are much safer.

      Note that, some companies also have the option to ship car by train across country. It is also a cost-effective method.

    • 2. What type of insurance do you provide?

      It is advisable to do business only with companies that can insure your car while it’s being transported across the country. Be sure to ask for the proof of insurance issued by the company upon request by law.

    • 3. What type of insurance do you provide?

      Certain companies require you to pay the full price upfront, and there are others that give you an option to pay it in installments. In case the company advises the former, request for the latter. Also, if they agree to pay in installments, ask whether any extra charges are involved.

    • 3. What type of insurance do you provide?

      Certain companies require you to pay the full price upfront, and there are others that give you an option to pay it in installments. In case the company advises the former, request for the latter. Also, if they agree to pay in installments, ask whether any extra charges are involved.

    • 4. What documents do I need to ship car across country?

      Preparing your car is not the only aspect you should consider when you decide to transport vehicle cross country. You may be required to present documentation to prove that the car is yours. You may also have to produce the car’s official documents to prove the same.

    • 5. What is the cancellation policy?

      There are chances you may change your mind based on several factors. You may find a better company for cross country car shipping , you may want to change the date of your move or you may want to cancel your move across the country altogether.

      Irrespective of the reason, find out the deadline they have set for making cancellations and reschedules. Also, ask whether extra charges are involved. Be sure to get all these terms and conditions in writing.

    • 6. What is your company’s Motor Carrier Number?

      They are legally bound to provide you with their MC number, which you must cross verify with the Department of Transportation’s website.

    Apart from these questions, on the day of pickup, ensure that the driver fills out the Bill of Lading, signs it and gives you a copy. Make sure that the driver indicates mileage on the odometer.

    Keeping all these factors in mind, you can ship car across country without a wrinkle of worry creasing your face.

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