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We will start looking for trucks as soon as we get the order. Usually it doesn’t take more than 1 working day. Don’t worry – you’ll get the best one available. The driver will call you beforehand to go over the details.

You can pay online – we are accepting most of the credit cards. If you’re paying with cash, you will need to leave a deposit – its amount depends on the distance of your delivery.

Sure. Call us if you want to get your car at a certain time - +1305307006

Transportation depends on a number of factors:
Type of vehicle: its size and weight.
Its condition: working (the car will start) or not working (the car won’t start);
Type of trailer: open or closed;
Distance / mileage: number of miles between the points A and B;
Location: city or countryside
Modifications: lowered, raised, big tires, spoilers, etc.;
Season: discounts, promotions and fluctuations in demand.

We highly recommend Door to Door car transportation due to its convenience. If you have plenty of things and a tight schedule, get your car delivered to your very doorstep without any trouble. The appointed driver will take it as close to your house as possible.

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