Why You Should Always Opt For Enclosed Car Transport

Updated at: 06.16.2021
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Author: MarySharp

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Just like there are numerous car transport companies out there, there are numerous methods of shipping vehicles as well. All of these methods have their pros and cons, but when it comes to complete safety and reliability, enclosed car transport is the best option. Enclosed car transport is the most suitable means of shipping vintage cars, high-end cars, classic cars, or any other expensive car for that matter. There is almost no room for error in this method. It is a superior alternative to other shipping methods. One of the biggest reasons why this method is popular is that the enclosure for the vehicle. Thus, there is no risk of the vehicle suffering any damage.

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    If you are looking for a secure and safe way of shipping your vehicle, the best way to go for you would be the enclosed car transport method. Do not think that other shipping methods are not good. However, when you take into account all the pros and cons of these methods, enclosed car transport will prove to be far superior. Compared to open car transport, the chances of theft are extremely low as the vehicle is completely secure inside the enclosed platform.

    Vehicle damage during enclosed transport is significantly low as well as the vehicles are protected from different hazardous elements. Weather and various atmospheric changes because it can sometimes be extremely detrimental for a car. Enclosed car transport ensures that your car is safe from these changes.

    Some high-end vehicles cannot withstand inclement weather. In fact, the effects of bad weather can render them obsolete. This is why it would be wise to opt for enclosed car transport to make sure that the value and quality of your car do not go down. Do not make the mistake of thinking that enclosed car transport should only be reserved for high-end cars. In fact, it would be wise to use this method at all times, no matter what car is involved.

    We say this because you will feel more satisfied and at ease when you know that your vehicle is completely safe. Once you know that your investment is safe, you will feel completely relaxed when your car is on its way. Enclosed car transport is slightly expensive as compared to other methods, but the reassurance provided by this method makes it worth every penny. As the risk for damage is extremely low, enclosed car transport has a significantly lower cost of insurance. Minimum theft or hazards, quality, protection from outside elements are among numerous other things why enclosed car transport is significantly better than any other form of transport. Mentioned below are some more reasons that make enclosed transport so great.

    1. Your Vehicle Is Always In Prime Shape during Enclosed Car Transport

    Enclosed car transport virtually guarantees that your car reaches the destination scratch-free. Because your car is in an enclosure during the whole shipping process, you will not need to worry about any kind of damage. Moreover, enclosed transport is the method of choice for shipping new cars. The reason behind that is simple as enclosed shipping guarantees complete safety and there is no margin for error. There are two different methods of enclosed shipping. In one method, there are numerous cars stacked over each other inside a huge container. In the other method, a single car is enclosed in a large steel structure. The first method can sometimes prove slightly risky. There is a risk that the leaders don’t park the car properly, or park it too close to another car. The second option is remarkably safer, as the carrier contains nothing except your car.

    2. Enclosed Shipping Is the Safest Transportation Method

    Even though the delivery time in enclosed car transport is slightly higher, it would be advisable to use this method whenever you decide to ship your car. The fully enclosed trailer in enclosed transport protects your car from minor as well as major elements. Debris is something that a lot of people do not think of as a damaging element to their car, when in fact it can cause a lot of damage in a relatively short time. Enclosed shipping will make sure that your car is effectively shielded from debris during the entirety of its journey.

    3. Topnotch Security

    There is little to no chance of theft when it comes to enclosed shipping. The carrier is almost impossible to penetrate and there are many safety measures taken in enclosed transport that ensure that the car is safe at all costs. There are numerous instances of criminals breaking into cars in transit. In some cases, the thieves drive away with the cars. Hence, an increasing number of people are now opting for enclosed car transport. Most well-reputed car transport companies make a habit of making stops every once in a while to make sure that your car is not damaged. If your car is being shipped in enclosed transport, checking will be thorough, as the inspectors will give individual attention to your car, unlike open car transport.

    4. Your Investment Will Be Safe

    We all know how expensive cars are and how costly it is to ship them. It is especially expensive if you are shipping them using enclosed car transport. However, spending a few extra bucks for the safety of your car will ultimately prove to be the right call for your car, as you might need to spend even more money if it gets damaged during shipping.

    Rest assured, once you choose enclosed transport you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands.

    Why You Should Always Opt For Enclosed Car Transport Service

    We all look forward to taking excessive care while transporting our priced possessions from one location to another. And if that priced possession happens to be your car, then the anxiety of getting it transported safely becomes multifold.

    In most cases, where the vehicle that needs to be transported is either luxurious or vintage, or even a regular one, enclosed car transport services are always opted for. We have already discussed the financial implications of it but apart from that, there is a psychological factor too that is taken care of. It is a prized possession and no doubt there are some everlasting memories, the attachment which one has with the car. Even though enclosed car transport rates are as much as twice the charge for open auto transport costs, once you know that transporters are professionals and well versed with their line of work, it gives you a big sigh of relief.

    While there are many benefits of shipping the automobile in a mode of enclosed transport, the most prominent one is the fact that it saves a lot of time. When you plan to transport your car all by yourself, there is always a possibility of breaking down of the car due to which you not only end up shelling out more but even loose on time too. When you entrust your car with a company that has expertise in the enclosed car transporting, all your worries are taken care of. Professional handling of automobiles by experts is the need of the hour. The first and foremost thing that these enclosed car trailers would do is to avoid any such incidents that may damage the car.

    In this fast-paced world, where everything is available at the click of a button, why not try something that at the end of the day has been devised to keep all your worries at bay. What we want to say is that trying out new tried-and-tested options doesn’t harm you. They might as well add value to your future conversations in a social circle. And this system is not going anywhere. As long as there will be a need to shift, enclosed transportation will always be given a serious thought. With the professional hands that take care of your prized (not only in monetary terms) possession, but there will also always be a requirement of such an option for transportation. Because the work involves the use of a trailer which is technologically superior and at the same time has professionals managing it, the cost is comparatively high vis-à-vis traditional way of transportation, but that is again pretty obvious. Shelling out a bit extra for quality that not only saves you time but also keeps all your anxiousness at bay is acceptable at times. So, the next time when you are planning to transport your car to any location, either be it a far-off place or a drive-able location, always give enclosed car transport a thought because they are surely going to give you that much-needed relief not only physically but mentally as well.

    Mary Sharp

    Mary is a 30 years old freelance writer for more than 10 years now, and she's been writing in many fields, but mostly she wrote for a local journal on a daily basis for more than 5 years. Now she's a great expert in the transportation and logistics field in the most progressive shipping company in the USA "Shipaa". Follow her to find out a lot of great details about the transportation field, tips and tricks that will help everyone who wants to have a great experience using shipping services.

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