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Common Methods for Vehicle Transport That Companies Use

Companies use many different methods for transporting vehicles. Some companies offer a variety of methods, while others provide few options. Keep in mind that not all methods of vehicle transport apply for every car. There are specific methods for transporting certain cars. All of these methods have different price ranges; some are cheaper, while others are slightly costly. Time is another factor that plays an important role in these vehicle transport methods. Your car might reach its destination in a surprisingly short period in some methods, while other methods might require considerably more time for transporting your vehicle.

1. Door-to-Door Vehicle Transport

Door-to-door transport is a transporting method used commonly by many vehicle transport companies. This method is especially convenient for the carriers as they are able to choose their own route for arriving at the pickup and drop off destination instead of following specific locations. Following specific locations is extremely difficult for the drivers because there is high traffic that is virtually unavoidable. Therefore, door-to-door transport ultimately proves to be beneficial for both the customer and the carrier as they are in control of the vehicle they are transporting. If you take a quick look, you will find out that the standard method of transport is the door-to-door method. Aside from the reasons that are already mentioned above, there are a few other reasons why door-to-door transport is popular among most people.

  • This method, even though not as cheap as terminal transport, is extremely cost effective and significantly safer than many other methods.
  • One of the biggest advantages this method has is the fact that there is no middleman. You actually get to meet the carrier and have the chance of airing your concern and raising queries directly. Direct contact with the carrier satisfies the clients and they do not worry about their car while it is being shipped.
  • The delivery time in door-to-door transport is lesser than many other methods. The reason behind this is that the carriers do not have to make unnecessary stops as they directly drive to your door.

2. Terminal-to-Terminal Transport

Despite not being as popular as door-to-door transport, many people prefer terminal transport for transporting their vehicles. The companies that provide terminal-to-terminal transport these days are extremely few. The few companies that do provide it only offer this vehicle transport service in a limited capacity. In terminal-to-terminal transport method, the company provides the client pickup and drop off locations for their car. These locations are terminals, which sometimes require advanced fees. This is one reason why many people are avoiding terminal-to-terminal transportation. There are a handful of functioning terminals left at inconvenient locations, which is why most carriers refuse to provide this service. However, there are a few reasons why this transporting method has not died yet. The biggest reason is the fact that this vehicle transport method is extremely cheap when compared to door-to-door method. There are some situations when people do not need their cars moved right away. Terminal-to-terminal transport proves handy in these situations as well.

3. Auto Transport by Rail

The auto transport by rail method once used to be extremely popular. However, just like the terminal-to-terminal method it is slowly dying. However, a niche clientele still prefers this old school vehicle transport method. This method is quite self-explanatory by its name, as the cars are transported by rails from one destination to another. There are many reasons why most people don't prefer this method. Some of the biggest reasons include:

  • This method is extremely slow and not the best option if you are looking to receive your car quickly. You will have to wait for days and sometimes even a week to receive your car.
  • Hundreds of cars are transported in rail transport. However, rail transport is slow and your will not be completely safe. On a train, the cars are close to each other. Hence, there is a risk of collision.
  • The routes for rail transport are very far and few. This means that this method is not cost-effective.
  • The standard methods of vehicle transport are far more effective and cheaper than this method.

Even though the cons mostly outweigh the pros in this transporting method, there are a few occasions where auto transport by rail might actually prove to be handy. If you are someone who is looking to transport a large quantity of cars, this might be the right option for you. Additionally, you can also benefit from this method if you are a car dealer and your showroom happens to be close to a railway drop off destination.

4. Standby Auto Transport

People usually use this vehicle transport service when they are on a low budget. In this method, you have to pay a “standby price” to the carrier. What this essentially means is that the carrier will decide the date and time to pick up your car instead of you. It can take weeks or maybe even months for them to pick your car up.

There are specific routes that carriers operate on. If your car happens to be on their route, they will pick it up. However, keep in mind that if someone is willing to pay more money than you for transporting their car, you will have to wait a bit longer.

Most companies generally advise against these methods because of how long it takes and because your car will not be getting the individual attention and care that it would get in other methods.