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How Much Does It
Cost To Ship A Car?

There is always a list of concerns whenever we decide to ship our cars. The cost is one of the main causes of concerns. It is no secret that the cost of shipping is not exactly cheap. Therefore, it is natural to worry a little. However, we advise you not to worry, as we will discuss some key elements in this article to make sure that you are able to understand the factors that determine true cost to ship a car. You will be able to make a well-informed decision in choosing the shipping company.

Factors Affecting the Cost to Ship a Car

Shipping Options

Auto-shipping companies offer a variety of options to their customers for shipping their cars. You have two choices for shipping your car, you can choose carriers, or you can choose brokers to do all the work for you. Brokers get the job done for you quickly and efficiently and you won’t be involved in any hassles. However, you would not have a lot of information regarding the transportation process. Carriers on the other hand will simply take care of loading your vehicle and transporting it to your desired destination.

Following are the options to ship a car that people most commonly use:

1. Terminal to Terminal

In this option, you will have to drop your car at a storage facility that is nearby. You will then receive your car from a storage that is close to your destination.

2. Door to Door

This option is extremely convenient as the auto shipping company comes to you for receiving the car. Alternatively, you can also select a location of your choice as well.

3. Enclosed Transport

The enclosed transport option makes sure that your car is safe from outside elements that might damage your care. The effects of the elements of nature, including storm, strong winds, rains, and snowfall are minimal with this transport option. Most companies usually use a metal container for protecting the cars that are being shipped in enclosed transport. Classic and high-end vehicles that require some extra protection greatly benefit from this option. The cost to ship a car for enclosed transport is remarkably high.

4. Open Transport

This is one of the most economical ways to transport your car. However, it might not be the safest, as your car is openly transported and will be exposed to outside elements that have the tendency to damage it. Open transportation is cheap; however, it would be advisable not to transport classic or high-end vehicles through this method.

5. Operable Method

The operable method is considerably easy and cheap, as the shippers simply have to drive your car into the carrier in order to load or unload it.

6. Inoperable Method

The cost to ship a car increases significantly in the inoperable method, as special equipment is required to load the vehicle onto the truck. This method is used when the vehicle sis inoperable (cannot be driven). The shipping cost in his option also increases because of the equipments involved and the added time. The terminal-to-terminal option to ship a car is relatively cheaper than the door-to-door option. The reason for this is because the drop off and pick up locations in the door-to-door service varies all the time. There is additional driving time as well. Keep in mind that you might have to pay some extra money to the company if they need to load your car manually on the delivery truck.


The travelling distance is another key factor that is important for determining the cost to ship a car. The longer distance your car travels, the higher the cost of shipping your car will be. $50 is the average transportation cost for every 100 miles. This is not an exact figure and it varies from company to company. You might have to pay extra money to the companies if your pickup and drop off locations are in remote areas where there isn’t a lot of transport activity.

Type of Vehicle

The cost to ship a car also largely varies depending on the type of vehicle you have. Let us use sedans as an example. 650 to 850 dollars is the average rate of shipping a sedan from Florida to New York. However, pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs travelling at the same distance will have shipping fees between 800 to 1100 dollars.

car transport

Delivery Time

You will have to pay a considerably larger sum of money if you are not flexible with the timing of the delivery and need it to arrive in a short amount of time. The general window of time that most shipping companies provide to their customers is 3 to 4 days. For an additional fee, most shipping companies will keep your vehicle inside their facility. 300 to 500 dollars is the additional fee that shipping companies generally ask for if you want the shipping to be quick.


Shipping companies that are well reputed always make sure that their quote includes insurance. You should always find out if the insurance is secondary or primary to your insurance. Additionally, you should also ask your personal insurance company whether they cover any damage during shipping. It would be wise to take all of your belongings outside the vehicle. The reason behind this is because car insurance policies do not cover personal belongings that are present inside your car. It would also be advisable for you to make sure that you maintain copies of paperwork related to the insurance in case an accident occurs.


You might be able to get a discount if you plan to ship a fleet of cars. Make sure that you discuss it with the shipping company, as most of them do not advertise about these discounts openly.


This article discusses factors involved in the cost to ship a car in comprehensive detail. The options for shipping, delivery time, insurance and type of vehicle are among the most important factors that decide the true cost of shipping a vehicle.