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Busting the Common Myths about Car Shipping and Car Transport Companies

Myths are virtually present in every industry, and the car shipping industry is no exception. There are many assumptions and common misconceptions that people make that others believe to be true. It is quintessential to do some research before you start spreading false information that causes to be a detriment to the industry as well as its customers. It is also important to ask the car transport companies for their views on the situation you are currently in. This will help you to make a well-informed decision in choosing the correct transport service.Let us debunk some of the common misconceptions and myths that cloud the car shipping industry.

1. Deal Directly With Auto Brokers Instead Of Car Carriers

Wouldn’t it be ideal if a car transporter were a broker as well as a carrier? Things would definitely be convenient and easy. Many brokers provide an environment that is competitive with numerous car carriers competing against each other to make sure that they are able to win your businesses. This might seem to be good as you might be offered lower prices. However, it would be advisable to be extremely careful.

The reason why you should be careful is that once you are in touch with the broker, all communications with the carrier company is usually cut off. This is not a good thing as you will not be able to track the progress of the shipment. It is extremely risky as brokers are complete strangers. The wrong broker might be lying to you and might have other intentions for your car Therefore it is extremely important that you keep in touch with car companies as well, instead of solely giving all of the responsibilities to the broker.

2. Depot To Depot Transport Is Cheaper Than Door To Door Transport

In order to know what the most effective option for transporting your car is, you should have a little bit of experience in car transport. People who are new to car transport often are ripped off as many companies take advantage of their lack of knowledge.The reason why depot to depot car transport isn’t as cheap as a lot of people think is because, even though it saves many and petrol, there are some depots that demand charge additional money for storing the car. The final cost of shipping your car increases monumentally because of this. It would be wise to ask the car transport company of these charges to make sure that the shipment doesn’t end up being too expensive.

3. There Might Be a Shipping Delay If You Ship From Depot To Depot

One of the most incorrect myths about car shipping people often believe is that shipping from depot to depot often faces delays. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. There isn’t any increase in delivery time as the delivery completely depends on when the customer is ready to pick up his or her car.

4. Transportation Takes More Time than Driving the Car by Yourself

A common myth that people blindly live is that driving the car by themselves would be much more safe, efficient, and timely than handing your car over to the transportation company. Not saying that it is false, however, it is extremely rare. This offering may vary across different car transport companies. This further solidifies the fact that it is significantly better to work directly with the company instead of handing over the responsibilities of your car to a broker. Shipping companies can accommodate you much better if you tell them your requirements and your situation. In case you are on a schedule and need your car delivered soon, it would be wise to request the shipping company to prioritize your car’s transport instead of driving the car yourself. The company might charge you extra money but it’ll deliver your car on time.

5. Car Transport Companies Charge Too Much Money

One of the most important criteria of deciding whether and how to move your car is the cost. Numerous people shy away from car transport, as they believe that the car transport company will charge a lot of money for their services. However, you will be surprised to find out that driving a car to a destination is far more expensive than getting it shipped from a well-reputed company. You might want to save kilometers in case you are looking to transport a prestige car. What better option than choosing a transport service to make sure that your car reaches safely and doesn’t have any extra mileage on its meter.

6. The Cost of Car Transport Completely Depends On Distance

Let’s get one thing straight, distance is not something on which the cost of car transports solely depends on. Numerous other elements play an impact on the shipping cost of a car. The size and weight of your vehicle also factor into the cost of shipping. The type of service you choose also affects on the cost of transportation as well. We’re not denying that transportation adds up to the final cost. All we are simply saying is that it isn’t the only factor. The car transport company might also increase the rates if you are not flexible with the date of delivery that they offer you.

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7. Instant Online Quotes Given By The Company Are Completely Reliable.

People think that the quote a shipping company provides them online is completely accurate. It is better to do some further research and bargaining to lower the asking price that the car transport companies quote. It would also be wise to ask these companies if there will apply any extra charges after shipping your car. Shipping agents might charge you hundreds of dollars for something they haven’t advertised, make sure that you try to steel clear from these situations and confirm every detail upfront.