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There are many options out there for car delivery in the US, but Shippa isn't like any of the others. Shippa takes an innovative approach to vehicle transport and car delivery.

By streamlining the way customers place orders, focusing on building a quality team, and assembling a fleet of new carriers, we have made it our goal at Shippa to extend our convenient car delivery service throughout the entire United States. For us, convenience means keeping the customer updated, making guarantees, and offering affordable options.

Whether you need to jump a few states or whether you are planning a move to Miami from Portland, Shippa car delivery services allow you to set up a vehicle pick-up just by answering a few questions on your smartphone.

We aim to offer door-to-door car delivery to every town in America, and if we can't get our trailer directly to your door, we'll do whatever we can to get it close enough. No matter where you live in the US, trust Shippa to get your car where you need to be.

Read what clients think about Shipaa

Michael Collins


I have shipped cars with different companies before, and I had different experiences. Shipaa stands out. Their service is top-notch, and the best part is that they offer GPS tracking, so you know where your car is at any moment. There were no delays in my shipment. If you need a delivery at a specified time, they will comply. All in all, it was great working with them

Justin Lewis


My car was about to appear in a car show around 400 miles from the place I live. I couldn't drive it myself because it could get damaged. My schedule was tight, but Shipaa shipped the car on time for the car show. I paid a little extra for the "Door-to-Door" option, but it was worth it because there was no other way to do it. The car was in perfect condition, and I didn't even have to wash it before the show. 🎖

Erin G. Fox


Yesterday I was running around crazy trying to organize all my moving boxes, and on top of that trying to find a shipping company for my car at the last minute. Every place I tried said they couldn't help me. Then I found Shipaa. I never would have guessed that they could ship my car so quickly that it would be there waiting for me. Now I don't have to worry about renting. My opinion is that Shipaa is the best option on the market.


What should I know about?

Handing over a car to an auto carrier may be stressful. This is normal, because your car is not just a piece of metal, but probably one of the most expensive items in life. And we are not talking about money :) Therefore, before sending it across the whole country, there is something you’ll need to think about.

You do not need to worry about problems that may occur during transportation. We have a huge carrier network covering the whole of the USA. We are proud that we have a large selection of shipment options across the entire country - this is a guarantee that your car will definitely reach the right place.

We know how you love your car, so we use solely individual approach. It includes customer service, round-the-clock monitoring, regular notifications and insurance coverage. Sounds good, right?

Factors affecting transportation throughout the country

The price We will tell you the exact prices after checking all the details: type of transport, its condition, type of trailer, seasonal changes, etc. We recommend the “all inclusive” rate without additional and hidden fees.
Type of transportation Most of our customers choose the open type - it is budget-friendly and fast. If you have a luxury or vintage car, we advise you to use the enclosed type - it will provide additional protection from weather conditions and road debris.
Timing Delivery may take up to two weeks, so get ready to miss your car. But! Most of our customers get their cars before the deadline. Maybe you will be among them?
Tracking While our programmers are working on online tracking, we are doing our best to ensure that customers have full access to current information about the car whereabouts. Around the clock! You will receive notifications by email or by phone.
Reliability Our staff consists only of professionals who treat each car as their own. In addition, each of the drivers has experience in transportation, which increases the security guarantee. Any deviation from the plan lies on our shoulders.
Experience More than 200 vehicles pass through Shipaa per day. Despite this, we try to pay attention to each client and approach transportation individually. Your peace of mind is our peace of mind as well.

Shipaa is the best choice for those who are moving across country


We are responsible guys, so we will do everything necessary to make your car move as convenient as possible

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Why choose Shipaa to ship your car

Our methods, our equipment, our volume, and our team. We at Shipaa make moving your car convenient all throughout our country. See our positive reviews from customers all around the nation.
4800 Customers We chose to focus on the customer from the beginning. Our client base keeps growing because we maintain our first-class service.
4 years Experience We've made a big name for ourselves in just a short time. We love to work and we know we've chosen the right approach.
5300 Vehicles We've transported every sort of vehicle, and we've handled each with the utmost care.
31 Drivers Our team is growing, but we stay tight. We take care of our drivers, and our drivers take care of your ride.

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