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The given privacy policy describes privacy practices for Shipaa and solely applies to all the info gathered by the given resource. Make sure you read through the given info to get more details.

Personal identification of information use, sharing and collection
Shipaa is the only one who owns the info gathered on the given resource. We need certain info from our clients so as to give them top quality, effective car transportation solutions. All the info that is being required by the Free Instant Rate Quote Calculator that is made available on our webpage is needed in order to establish what kind of car transportation level you may require. Other info that could be required may include details regarding the location of your car as well as final destination and payment info that is required to finally process the requests. We are only gathering info that is being provided voluntarily via email or any other type of direct contact with clients. The info that was provided to Shipaa through the Free Instant Rate Quote Calculator on our webpage will not be provided or sold/rented to anyone else. The info collected is only used to provide and according to the reason why you got in touch with us.

Webpage security
Shipaa respects the privacy of our clients and is therefore taking all the required steps in order to prevent unauthorized access, preserve data accuracy as well as make sure the clients’ information is used properly. We preserve security by following the proper procedures in addition to using qualified experts who are constantly managing our webpage 24/7. Once we collect any sort of sensitive data, such as credit card info, this data is being encrypted as well as securely transmitted. We are not keeping info on file that could be used for any future charges from your card. You may check this yourself by looking for the “lock” icon at the very bottom of your online browser, or searching for “https” at the start of the page URL.

Conditions and terms of use
With the exception of the agreed here, clients as well as third parties cannot reproduce, display, copy, license, modify, disseminate or sell any sort of information that was acquired from this web resource without the expressed approval. At Shipaa we are working relentlessly in order to give our clients the most up-to-date info regarding the car transportation industry. Yet, we are not making any claims to the relevancy as well as accuracy of the info that we are delivering. Shipaa is able to modify the presented content at any given time, without notifying, so as to preserve the overall quality of the online page and related networks.

By reading the given policy, client agrees that no partnership, joint venture, agency or employment relationship takes place between them as well as Shipaa resulting from the conditions and terms of use. Rights that are not expressly provided throughout the given policy are herein reserved. Shipaa reserves the right to revising the conditions and terms as well as privacy policy at any given time without notice. Using any of the info that is delivered on the net by Shipaa without permission is strictly prohibited and could lead to civil or even criminal actions.

Shipaa is not responsible for any kind of damages that may occur because of the loss of use or data that bound by contract or in relation to using the info that is available on the given online resource.

By reading the given privacy policy, you will need to realize that any dispute regarding the overall privacy is going to subject to conditions and terms of the given privacy policy as well as applicable conditions and terms of our customer contracts. Data, which is delivered through Shipaa is not endorsing or supporting any data that is given by third party resources, advertisers or affiliates. Hence, any services or products that are delivered or provided by Shipaa advertisers or affiliates represent the sole responsibility of these particular third parties and are not in any way supported or offered by Shipaa.

Shipaa encourages our clients to maintain discretion while assessing the overall quality of offered solutions as well as products that were delivered by third party resources. Shipaa is not going to be held responsible for any kind o damages as well as personal injuries, which may occur during the usage of any products or solutions that are provided by affiliates, advertisers as well as other third parties to our resource.

Concerns and questions
In case you have any inquiries or concerns about the given privacy policy, do feel free to get in touch with us.

Shipaa’s reputation tends to speak for itself. Get in touch with our sales operators right now to check out if we are able to provide you with any assistance and we will be more than happy to answer any and all of the questions you may have.

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