Looking to Ship Your Motorcycle? Here’s What You Need To Know

Updated at: 01.21.2020
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Author: MarySharp

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Generally speaking, a majority of first-timers might find motorcycle transport services nothing less than daunting. Although contemporary motorcycle shipping services have on the whole improved the core logistical challenges, novices might find it bewildering to go ahead with the venture. First and foremost, therefore, it is important to prepare the vehicle for sale.

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    How to Ship Motorcycle

    To make it saleable, it is vital to pay close attention to the condition of the product. For instance, it is advised to go through any kinds of dents and scratches or the condition of the paint. Importantly, since one is selling his product online, it is extremely crucial to take the best snaps of the motorcycle from all the angles conceivable to present a near-360 degree view to the potential buyer. Also, it is equally important to record if the bike has any mechanical glitches whatsoever. Generally speaking, if one is considering short distance transport, it is advised to trim the gas tank to ¼ which is the standard.

    As mentioned at the outset, motorcycle transportation services might strike as daunting to first-timers. At the same time, it is equally true that the motorbike transport services are considerably cheaper than vehicle transport services. However, shipping across nations might cost one a few additional bucks. Nevertheless, the core idea is to groom up the product into the saleable condition and draft the remotest aspect of its current condition.

    A majority of sellers tend to shrug off the prospect of international buyers. However, it is crucial to first assess the coordinates before doing so. All said and done; it is a fact that most foreign buyers would not hassle over the listing price, whatever the amount. Apart from that, there is the added advantage of being exempt from any after sale liabilities. In other words, one need not fret about a buyer plodding back with a bulletin of issues!

    International Shipping Knacks

    As mentioned earlier, international shipping services are expensive. So far as the prospect of used international bike selling services, it should not be too sapient of the seller to expect the concerned buyer to solicitude the product, as well as the former, did. Blunt as might sound, damaged bikes are no one’s responsibility. Also, there is an intricate network operating right from handing over the bike to getting it boarded on the ship.

    Therefore, it is important to take certain precautionary measures. For instance, if the bike is expensive, most experienced sellers tend to get it amply crated to prevent any extraneous damage. Crating typically does not cost much, but it is vital to cater to the last minute contingencies as efficiently as possible. Moreover, some sellers tend to insist on getting a picture of the crated product to measure the efficiency of the packaging. In most cases, it is a wise initiative as it induces a level of transparency.

    Abroad Shipping Services: Payment

    So far as the payment procedure is concerned, it is recommended to wait for the full payment to clear. Also, it is important for the seller to know his or her position in the entire affair. The concerned seller need only drop off the product and ensure that the potential buyer heeds to whatever then entails such as details and costs. Also, it is generally recommended to visit the cargo company once before the exact shipping date.

    Nothing extraordinary, to ensure the authenticity of the buyer one should venture to visit the location first hand. What is more, there exists a considerable degree of discrepancy between the contacted shipping agency and the one whose address has been furnished, typically in another country. Moreover, it is best to speak directly to the concerned buyer to be clarified on the process and ensure maximum transparency. All said and done; one should certainly ask the buyer to fix a drop off date.

    Motorcycle Transportation Service Regulations

    Naturally, one needs to be abreast of the essential regulations in force while considering shipping motorcycles. There are certain crucial legalities which one needs to be clear about to make the venture as hassle-free as possible.

    For instance, according to the latest regulations, a shipping company may ask the seller to consider shipping the bike as his or her property. While it might end up complicating the affairs, one may rest assured that international shipping is wholly legal. Too much needling on the sellers should not make one falter to consider another shipping outlet.

    At the same time, it is important for the seller to recognise the fact that not all shipping companies are interested in frequent bike dealings. Such transactions may have to factor in the erstwhile experiences of the company, not to mention contemporary market dynamics. Also, it is generally advised to consult the buyer on the knick-knacks of the transactional procedure to be cognizant of contingencies, if any. While most buyers may not be particularly enthusiastic about it, it is then best to leave it to them, for any extra expenses is the buyer’s liability.

    International Shipping Dynamics

    It is important to consider the international shipping dynamics to be abreast of the goings-on. There are a host of factors which regulate the shipping of the bike, like transport routes, international maritime routes etc. Apart from that, it is important to keep in mind that price counts on location extensively. Typically, shipping services cost a lot of money. However, it is none of the seller’s business whose job ends at the shipping agency after having dropped off the product.

    So far as the shipping agency aspect is concerned, it is crucial to follow a set of rules. Firstly, the seller should drop off the bike at the exact date as decided by the buyer. Additional paperwork may be necessary. Also, it is extremely crucial to keep in mind that international cargo is typically shipped in batches. Therefore, it is crucial not to miss the assigned drop off date, or one would need to wait another week or more. Shipping bikes abroad is already a time taking process. As shipping time tends to vary from weeks to even months, it is best to get one’s appointment as quickly as feasible.

    International Bike Sales

    One ponders if at all one should consider the aspect of international motorcycle sales. However, there is no set direction to the same. The idea is to strike a handsome deal by weighing the prices as aptly as viable against the relevant market coordinates. Indeed, care must be taken while dealing virtually with a potential buyer as the industry is rather rife with scams and methodic manipulations. Most of the times, it is only the intuition which the seller would need to count on. There is no empirical data available as such. However, the core idea is to check and verify wherever possible. As mentioned at the outset, first timers might find the entire transactional venture a tad too daunting in the first place, even though sellers are the ones least encumbered with legal formalities. With time, one would surely come to tackle the tangles.

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