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Published: 13.03.2019 Updated on: 18.05.2020

Trailers are essentially carriages without motors. Trailers cannot move on their own, these need to be towed by a motor engine, motor vehicle, pedals or human efforts. Trailers can be used for domestic purposes as well as commercial purposes. Trailers come in many different sizes to suit different purposes of use. Travel trailers are trailers used for making mobile homes or for providing mobile shelters and stay. Travel trailers can also be used to keep livestock. Travel trailers can have different sizes and weights depending on the purpose of its use. Many may have intricate facilities inside them to provide power, heat, air conditioning. From inside a travel trailer may just look like the interiors of any house or inn with separate rooms, kitchen and washroom.

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    Travel trailer shipment

    Transporting a travel trailer needs much care. You may have messaged ship my trailer to several shipping companies but failed to get an adequate response. Moving a travel trailer requires specific transportation services which may not be available with many shipping companies. Before choosing among shipping companies to ship trailers ensure that the shipping company has adequate expertise in shipping travel trailers. Do not hesitate to enquire in detail specifications of their trailer mover machinery and equipment. Your trailer surely means a lot to you. Enquire into every bit of details before handing over your trailer to the shipping company.

    Travel trailer shipping machinery and equipment

    Transportation of light and small trailers can be carried out like transportation of any light vehicles. Special expertise is however required for transportation of heavy and large travel trailers. Only shipping company with expertise in transporting heavy and large vehicles and trailers should be entrusted with the job. Reliable trailer shipping company employs a number of machinery and equipment for moving, uploading and downloading trailers and vehicles.

    Travel trailer movers

    If your travel trailer is large and heavy and is being transported all through by road, then there is no need to get it hauled and placed inside a transporting carrier. The travel trailer can be towed with the travel mover vehicle hitch and be driven to its place of destination. Your travel trailer must be compactly attached to the travel trailer mover. Travel trailer transit should be smooth without jerks and shakiness.

    Travel trailer hauliers

    Sometimes travel trailers may need to be carried over waterways or railways and if the distance is long then several modes of transport may be used. There is no need to worry if you transport your travel trailer through shipping company having expertise in transporting travel trailers.

    Large and heavy travel trailers that need to be placed inside a large carriage vehicle for transportation can be hauled by travel trailer hauliers. Travel trailer hauliers for large and heavy trailers are different from lightweight trailer hauliers. Travel trailer hauliers should have the specific towing and hitch device dimensions that can comfortably attach your travel trailer. The travel trailer haulier should be equipped such as to lift your travel trailer and keep it inside the carrier vehicle which might be a large truck, ship or submarine.

    Travel trailer sliding planes

    If your travel trailer is being transported in a rail or air carriage, then instead of being hauled the trailer would need to be slid up into the rail or aeroplane carriage using a suitable inclined plane device. To get travel trailer up and down through the inclined place suitable forefront towing device would need to be attached to provide the full force. While being pulled up or down the inclined plane the trailer would need to be given support at the sides and back so as to ensure even slide and avoid damage possibilities. The support can be provided by men and machines, and a reliable shipping company ensures that your trailer is placed inside the carriage safe and sound.

    Travel trailer transport planning by the shipping company

    Shipping company would get the following details about the travel trailer to work out travel trailer transportation plan:

    The weight and dimensions of the travel trailer: the weight of the trailer in kilograms or tons would be required by the shipping company to plan the trailer transport. Details of trailer weight and dimensions would be possibly available with the owner as these details are provided by seller at the time of purchase in purchase document. If the trailer is going along with certain items inside then, it is better to have those items weighed separately and added to empty trailer weight to get total trailer weight.

    The origin and destination points of the travel trailer: The origin address and final destination address of the trailer would be required by the shipping company for route planning. Shipping company would choose the safest, hassle-free and shortest route between these two points.

    Empty or full trailer: It is best to send an empty trailer. However, that would depend. Trailers may sometimes be full of people who want to be transported along with the trailer. Or the trailer may carry livestock which the trailer owner may want to be transported with the trailer. The shipping company will choose carrier vehicle based on these considerations as well.

    Based on the above details the shipping company would select

    Trailer transport route: The shipping company may work out one or more routes. The shipping company may offer trailer owner several route options over which the trailer can be transported.

    Trailer transport modes: The modes of transport can be roadways, railways, waterways or airways. The shipping company may offer to trailer owner single mode transit or multiple mode transits.

    Trailer mover: For transportation over roads the trailer may be attached to a moving vehicle. If trailer mover is towing a heavy and large trailer, then the mover should have a good engine and supportive build.

    Trailer transport carriages: For transportation of trailer inside carriage vehicles, the carrier must be of suitable dimensions and be able to carry the trailer weight comfortably.

    Trailer transport machines and equipment: If during transit trailer needs to be hauled or slid then shipping company would arrange for suitable machinery and equipment to carry out the required tasks.

    Trailer transport is manning: Apart from working out the machinery requirement shipping company will also work out the type and number of manning resources required to carry out the trailer transportation task. The shipping company assigns the required number of drivers, loaders and handlers to carry out the transportation task. Reliable shipping company assigns the transportation responsibility to experienced and skilled staff and monitors the trailer transit throughout right from pick up point till delivery point.

    Trailer transport insurance: It is best to get the trailer and its contents insured before getting it shipped. Veteran shipping company gets trailer and contents insured at very nominal percentage rates of the trailer and trailer content costs. Personal accident insurance should also be procured if people are being transported inside the trailer.

    Travel trailer transportation packages

    The shipping company may ask the trailer owner to choose from four or five trailer transportation packages. Shipping company works out the transportation packages based on trailer input features and trailer transport planning outcomes and offers them to trailer owner at differential costs and benefits. The cost and benefits vary as per the transportation modes, delivery time, and pick up and delivery points of the travel trailer.

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