It’s Easy Shipping A Truck – It really is! If You Follow These Tips

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Publish: 04.04.2019

Have you considered shipping your truck or looking for a safe and cost-effective means to transport your truck from A to B? Well, here’s your answer to clear your doubts. Using the waterways is not only safe, but it’s hassle-free and convenient.

Shipping a truck interstate requires a lot of research beforehand on the owner’s part.

Some of the concerns that arise during shipping are of course the truck shipping costs and deciding on which company is fit to transport your truck.

So before delving into how to ship a truck interstate, let us take a deeper look at some of the challenges that come with it.

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    Challenges that Arise During Shipping a Truck

    Like with shipping any vehicle, if you want to ship trucks, you will face certain difficulties along the way.

    The first obvious one that comes to mind is, of course, using the roadway. Driving from one state to another will take the long drive with several challenges on the way even with a professional driver. The first and foremost concern is damaging the vehicle in the process.

    It is a no brainer, that to avoid that, to hire an automobile moving company to do the job for you.

    But choosing the right automobile company for the job requires a lot of research.

    So let us take a look at some of the things you must bear in mind before hiring an automobile moving company to ship a truck from one place to another.

    How to choose the best automobile shipping company for your truck

    Even though your truck can sail through in rough weather conditions with flying colours, it also needs some tender loving care once in a while. Especially during a move, your truck requires as much attention as other cars for shipping.

    Following is a list of factors that an automobile shipping company must comply with to make sure it is safe for shipping truck. Let’s take a look:

    • Experience of the shipping company:
      You certainly do not want your truck to be handled by amateurs. That is why, before zeroing in on a shipping company you should check up on the number of years it has been operational. For good measure, you should also check up on the client reviews for the company to have an insight about what you are getting into.
    • The company’s reputation:
      Since you are entrusting your car’s safety to the company, you must make sure to research the company’s reputation beforehand. Make a list of the pros and cons offered by the company’s services from the customer reviews. Make sure that the pros outweigh the cons before choosing to hire the company’s services.
    • Enquire about the insurance coverage:
      It is mandatory for every automobile transportation service to provide insurance to the car’s owners according to the US Department of Transportation. However, not all transportation company provides the same insurance coverage. So make sure to check up on the type of insurance coverage provided by the moving services before hiring them. Also, it is always better to compare the insurance provided with your existing vehicle insurance to make sure there are no loopholes in them.
    • Ensure the care of your vehicle:
      If you want your truck to be cared for specially, you sometimes will need to pay extra to cover the costs. For instance, hiring an enclosed carrier for transporting your vehicle can cost more than the standard issue carrier.
    • Special arrangements:
      Sometimes, due to time constraints, you might need your vehicle delivered within a short period. Check whether the moving company provides this facility. In this case, most companies provide a single carrier service which moves your truck to the designated place on a priority basis.

    If an automobile moving service company complies with the above conditions, it is safe to say that they can do the job of moving your truck with ease.

    How to make sure that your truck is in condition for the move:

    After hiring a competent truck shipping company, the next step is to make sure that your truck is ready for the move. To do so, you can follow the steps below to make your truck ready for moving day:

    • Give your truck a good wash. Make sure that the exteriors are clean.
    • Disable the alarm of truck. If you don’t know how to do that, make sure that the person assigned to move your vehicle knows how to turn off the alarm.
    • Inspect your truck beforehand for any damages. Take photographs as evidence if you can. This will ensure that any damage caused during the move can be detected easily.
    • Check if there are any leaks in your truck. Especially in the engine and fuel tank as a leak during the move can have dangerous repercussions.
    • Keep your truck’s tank at least 3/4th empty. This action can help to reduce the total weight of the truck.
    • Remove all your belongings from your truck. This will reduce the chances of theft from your truck.
    • Be prepared to receive the truck when it arrives at the designated location. If you cannot be present there personally, ensure that someone is there to receive the truck.

    These are some of the things you should take care of before the move happens.

    Why choose Shipaa to ship your truck?

    Shipaa is one of the most reputed automobile moving services in the US. With their spotless reputation and impeccable ratings, they have earned their spot to be one of the topmost moving services in the US.

    The company follows four simple steps when it comes to moving your vehicle, including trucks. They are:

    • You need to fill out a form with details like your destinations and the make and model of the automobile you need moving. The company will then offer you a price quote depending on the details you have filled out. If you are satisfied with the price quote, you can move on to the next step.
    • After getting the price quote, you need to connect with the company online or through the telephone. You will be talking to a specialist regarding moving your truck and then complete your moving arrangement order.
    • Once you have completed the order, the company will make arrangements for a carrier vehicle to pick up your truck on the designated date.
    • Finally, the carrier will complete the move by picking your truck and dropping it off in the place you have pre-decided.

    With the four simple steps above you can ensure that your truck is safely transported to the place you require.

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