Need to Ship your Car? Living in or moving to Portland, Oregon? Here’s what you can do

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Published: 22.04.2019 Updated on: 21.01.2020

Shipping a vehicle (mostly a car, in 90% of the cases) has now become a need for everybody when traveling to or from a city to another, for vacation purposes or maybe, migration.

Hence, in all such cases, you need to know what exactly to do, how it should actually be done, and what results to expect during the transportation of your vehicle.

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    Find all the answers below!

    And especially when the concerning destination or departure place is Portland, Oregon, then there is a lot that can confuse people.

    This article will help you can get an idea of what exactly should be done, and resolve questions regarding available options.

    How to ship a car?

    • Well first, the thing which should be the customer’s primary concern is the reliability of the shipping corporation that he or she chooses. The corporation should have the proper permits, thorough safety measures, skilled workmen and fine service experience.
    • The second thing that the customer needs to think about is the means of transport. There are basically three ways in which the shipping of vehicles can be done. They are:

    Shipping by air:

    • This is a very efficient way of shipping but is also much costlier than the other available options.
    • If you wish to transport your vehicle by air, it is necessarily required to go through a lot of paperwork.
    • Though all the paperwork is easily provided by the airline which is going to be shipping the vehicle, still it is a hectic and tedious job, despite assistance.
    • Deciding the dates is a difficult job. The airlines have very limited operational hours and the vehicle needs to be submitted to the airline long before the actual departure date.
    • However, some people still prefer this option, as they believe this is a safe and reliable way of transporting.

    Shipping by water:

    • This is an upcoming and preferred way of transporting vehicles, still includes some amount of paperwork that air transport includes, and yet a more efficient one.
    • And unlike the above option, the vehicle needs to be submitted only 72 hours prior to the departure date, to the shipping corporation.
    • There is a thorough inspection followed by a detailed explanation of the process by the representative to provide a clear vision of how the transportation will happen.

    Shipping by land:

    • This is known to be the easiest way of transporting a vehicle, especially a car from A to B.
    • Less or no paperwork, easy submission and reception, most convenient method and process.
    • Certainly cheaper service but there exists the complexity of handling the driver or the driving itself. Usually, this is the option that is preferred because of convenience.
    • 3. Hence, according to the needs and demands, you are entitled to wisely choose any one option from the above-mentioned options.

    What to do while submitting the vehicle?

    • While submitting the vehicle, the first and the foremost thing that the vehicle owner should do is to check the transporting equipment of the shipping corporation.
    • Your precious belongings deserve to be transported neatly and safely by standard quality means.
    • The compartments of the trailer should contain proper locks, chains and security equipment to ensure that the vehicle stays in one place while transporting.

    What should be the next step?

    • Then, you have to discuss the upfront amount to be paid.
    • Ensure that you can pay the remaining amount at the end of the delivery.
    • Usually, companies demand 100% of the amount in advance, before shipping the vehicle.
    • According to the recent trends, however, some companies take only 50% of the amount as advance and the remaining amount to be split either into installments, as the shipment reaches the specific pre-decided checkpoint or the remaining 50% post delivery.

    Which company to be preferred?

    Shipaa, a shipping corporation which has all of the US covered by its several branches, in various cities and states has a good reputation of handling shipments small and big efficiently.

    Shipaa is not only reliable but also boasts of a ‘no disappointment of clients’ mark, till date.

    Shipaa should be preferred as it provides:

    • White-glove service
    • Customer service open 24/7×365 days
    • Exemption from broker fees
    • Great discounts on next shipping orders
    • Zero cancelation fees
    • Zero deposit
    • Expert transporters
    • Instant quotation, online as well as offline
    • Liability insurance of $1,000,000

    So, choose wisely!

    Hence, after reading this article, the customers can get a fair idea about how the shipping stuff works and can finally make the correct decision.

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