Shipping a Car To or From Florida? Let’s Get Down to the Nitty-Gritty

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Published: 14.03.2019 Updated on: 21.01.2020

Can you spot the state of Florida in the world map above? See the part of the map coloured in orange that is the United States of America. The United States of America lies entirely in North America. Florida is a state within the United States of America. Florida is the southeastern peninsular state of the USA on the Atlantic Ocean. In the map, the state of Florida in the US appears as a linear vertical elongation into the Atlantic Ocean along the southeastern part of USA.

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    Car transport to Florida

    Florida is surrounded by water bodies on all sides. The waterways transportation into the state of Florida is well developed. Florida has airport and ship ports and is well connected with the USA through roads and rails. Goods including assembled automobiles can be shipped into Florida through airways and waterways from any part of the world. Domestic or commercial cars can be shipped to and from Florida into neighbouring states of USA and even into North America and South America through roadways, railways, waterways and airways.

    Car transport via Florida ports

    The state of Florida has sixteen well-equipped ports with docks and hangars to receive and send of ship cargoes. The waterways of Florida are highly secure,and transportation through the sea routes offer cost-effective, safe and quick means of transportation. Compared to air or rail carriers ship carriers offer better transit for goods like heavy cars. The ship carriers are well designed to take loads and have enough capacity. Commercial shipping is a major economic activity in all the ports of Florida.

    Few major ports of Florida

    Florida port Canaveral: port Canaveral ships around 5.5 million cargo tons a year and is best for shipping goods including cars and motor vehicles to and from central Florida locations. The distance of Port Canaveral from the main markets of Florida can be traversed within three hours by road on a motor vehicle.

    Florida port Everglades: Port Everglades in South Florida one of USA’s leading container ports and ranked among the busiest seaports in the world is a major hub of international trade. Everglades is well connected to entire Florida through a well-developed system of roads networks. South Florida centres are especially easily accessible to and from Everglades.

    Car transport via Florida railroads

    Florida is supplied by well developed commercial railway freight facilities. Florida commercial railway networks can handle freight equivalent to around 5 million heavy trucks in a year.

    Car transport via Florida roadways

    Florida roadways provide smooth transit for commercial freight like heavy trucks and carriers. The freight traffic is well managed, controlled and regulated by the Florida roadways authorities. Florida roads are interconnected with all major Florida centres, ports, railway hubs and airport. Temporary transit permits can be obtained by commercial vehicles coming from other states into Florida at the dedicated weigh stations of Florida.

    Car transport via Florida airways

    Florida has twenty commercial airports. Florida commercial airports enable dedicated freight and scheduled cargo movements. The airfreight output at Florida commercial airports accounts for around $99 billion output or 6.7% of the total economic output of Florida.

    Florida car transport plan of the shipping company

    Shipping Company with vast expertise of transporting cars to and from Florida works out cost effective insured car transportation plans that are safe and reliable. The shipping company may make use of one or more modes of transportation for Florida car shipping depending upon the transit distance, route, type of vehicle and other details.

    Quotes for car transportation from Florida

    You can get the cost of shipping car to and from Florida estimates on the online site of the car shipping company. Enter the required details in car shipping cost calculator to get car shipping Florida quotes. Use the car shipping cost calculator to get an estimate for domestic as well as international shipping rates. On the shipping calculator type the to and from destinations, for example, you may like to get a car transported from Florida port to New York, then type these destinations and navigate to subsequent pages. Provide the required details regarding car type, model, capacity and your name, email and contact number to retrieve your car shipping Florida quotes.

    The shipping rates depend on the delivery time and distance. For example, you can ship the car to Florida over a distance of 94 miles within 1-2 days at just 1 dollar per mile. You can ship the car to Florida over a distance of 2300 miles within a week at just 0.5 dollars a mile rate. Other factors like car weight and size also make up for your car shipping Florida rates, yet these can be considered as the average rates of car transportation from Florida or to Florida.

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