Everything you Need to Know About Shipping a Car to and From Atlanta, GE

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Published: 18.03.2019 Updated on: 21.01.2020

There are a lot of auto transport companies in Atlanta. This means that it can be incredibly difficult to track down one that is going to be perfect for you. This is why we have put together this guide. We want to, briefly, run you through a few of the things that you should be thinking about when looking for a company.

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    How do auto transport companies Atlanta work?

    This is going to be dependent on the car movers in Atlanta that you are planning to work with. The vast majority of companies that you find will be placing your vehicle on a car transport along with several other cars. You will then be given a rough date for when the vehicle is going to arrive at its final destination. It is worth noting that due to the way that companies work, these times will not be 100% accurate. If there are delays across the route, then it may take a day or two extra. However, if you are working with a quality auto shipping Atlanta company, they will provide you with updates.

    Who is car transport in Atlanta perfect for?

    If you are moving between two destinations which are more than a few hundred miles apart, it is likely that you are going to want to fly. Obviously, you can’t fly. You may need your car at the other end, however. This means that you are going to want to opt for car transport in Atlanta as it will make it a whole lot easier for you to get your car to your new location. It saves you from needing to drive the vehicle for long periods of time across a country. Most of us do not really have a couple of days to spare when we are moving, as nice as the drive would be.

    Choosing auto transporters in Atlanta

    Thankfully, finding auto transporters Atlanta is not going to be that hard. There will be several companies operating within the city. You will only really start to run into issues if you are transporting your car into Atlanta. This is because not all car transport companies will send their cars into Atlanta. Sure, it is a large city, but if they want to make money, then the city does need to be on their route.

    If you are shipping your car from Atlanta to elsewhere in the United States, then you will need to consider where you are shipping it to. While it is unlikely that you are going to run into too many issues if you are shipping your car from a large city to another large city, the smaller locations may not be serviced as well by car transport companies. This means that you may need to work out how you can pick up your car from one of the larger destinations.

    When you are looking for car movers Atlanta, it is important that you do not choose a company that is too cheap. If the company is too cheap, then there is a good chance that their service will be sub-par. This means that you may struggle to have your vehicle arrive on top. This is because these companies will often overload their car transporters with cars, which means a lot of destinations to visit which is going to drastically slow down the speed that they travel at.

    You will also want to make sure that the car transporters you choose have insurance. This is incredibly important. Yes, the majority of car transporting companies in Atlanta are going to have insurance, but they may not have insurance which will cover your specific vehicle.

    For example; if you are shipping an incredibly expensive car across the country, then you will want to know that the car insurance will cover it should any damage occur. You may need to pay extra if the insurance does not cover it. It is unlikely that your general car insurance will cover something like this.

    Remember; the internet is a tremendous resource when it comes to finding car transport companies in Atlanta. You can use the internet to find a wealth of information on companies. This will allow you to establish whether:

    • The company is known for being timely
    • Whether the company is pleasant to deal with
    • Whether the costs are affordable
    • Whether there tends to be any issues with the car transporting company

    Prepare your vehicle for car transport in Atlanta

    Remember; you will need to take the time to prepare your car for transport within Atlanta. This means thinking about the following:

    • Take photos of the vehicle so you have a record of pre-existing damage.
    • Empty your gas tank. You can leave some gas in it just in case your vehicle needs to be moved.
    • Turn off all car alarms.

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