Know-Hows of Car Shipping to or from Colorado Springs, CO

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Publish: 19.04.2019

Are you moving to or from Colorado Springs, CO? Are you unable to find out the right way to move your beloved car as well? Driving will be tedious, no doubt. So, relying on car shipping companies Colorado is your safest bet!

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    The different types of auto transport companies Colorado you may deal with

    • Lead aggregators

      There are certain websites out there designed to look trustworthy. They will help you gather information about Colorado auto transport. The information that they have gathered from your visit on their website are sold to various transportation brokers. These brokers will then call you with a quote.

    • Brokers

      These are the middlemen of the auto transport Colorado industry. 95% Of the companies are represented by these brokers who don’t ship cars but post their shipments for individual carriers. They pay your deposit with the rest of the money only at delivery. Therefore, they are great for communication but are not responsible for any damage to your property.

    • Carriers

      The trucks that you see on the highway are the backbone of the auto shipping Colorado industry. They come with individual trailers, enclosed and open carries, three-car haulers or humungous multi-carriers. They hardly ever sell their services directly and rely on brokers. A legal carrier is regulated by the Department of Transportation and Motor Carrier rules.

    Once you are aware of the various types of companies for car transport Colorado, let us now understand the types of services they provide.

    Types of services

    • Door-to-Door car movers Colorado

      This type of service is exactly how the name sounds. The broker arranges the auto transporters, Colorado, to pick your vehicle from your premises. The end-to-end service also involves dropping the vehicle at your preferred destination. In most cases, it’s the new house you have moved to.

    • Terminal-to-terminal car shipping Colorado

      The drop-off location is provided and the carrier company picks it up from you. The car will then be picked up by you at another designated location. Although this type of auto shipping Colorado may seem less expensive at first, extra cost for hauling, loading, and unloading will be involved.

    After understanding this, you may want to consider looking for the perfect car shipping companies Colorado that are best suitable for your needs. This includes forming a budget and comparing price quotes.

    Finding out and comparing the price quotes

    • It’s always best to contact the auto transport companies Colorado by calling or visiting their office. Most of the times, they have a company website that will have a large button saying “Request Quote” or “Get Quote”. It’s a free process. Don’t hesitate to use that.
      If you don’t find that option, call the company’s customer service. Also, ensure that you check out their reviews before finalizing them for your list of Colorado auto transport companies.
    • After making a list of your preferred companies for auto transport Colorado, you must contact them directly. Provide them the make and the model of your car and tell them about the mode of transport you would want to use. Get their final quotes and do not inform the decision to the auto shipping Colorado Company just yet.
    • Do not settle for the cheapest rate as it may not be the smartest deal. You may be later surprised with hidden charges down the line.
    • After deciding the best companies for car transport Colorado that suits your situation and budget, you have to find out about their reputation and services. Follow your instincts and advise from the previous customers. You should now have the right company for car shipping Colorado to go ahead with.

    Cheap is not always the best. It is not the smartest option either. So once you have the company that suits your budget, the services you need and even the quality of it, then book it after careful thought. However, it’s time to be prepared from your end as well.

    How to prepare your car for shipment

    • Clean the car from inside out
    • Disable the alarm of your car
    • Ensure that the gasoline is no more than a fourth of the tank
    • Check your car for any leaks
    • Check the tire pressure of your car
    • Remove all the custom accessories of your car
    • Lock your car
    • Remove all your personal items even from the trunk
    • Make sure there are no toll tags or even parking passes
    • Inspect your car for any existing damage
    • Take pictures of your car before handing it over to the company for auto shipping Colorado
    • If your car is a convertible, secure the top

    Other things to keep in mind while car shipping Colorado

    • Ensure that the auto transporters Colorado provide your car with insurance.
    • Ask the company for Motor Carrier number and cross verify their legitimacy on the Department of Transportation’s website.
    • Sort out all your documentation required by the auto transport companies Colorado to ship your vehicle smoothly.
    • Ensure that the driver fills out, signs and gives you a copy of the Bill of Lading at the pickup location.

    With these pointers, you can ensure that your car transport Colorado is 100% hassle-free.

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